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Zoom Webinar

How to implement SOC in just one month

Learn how you can get ahead of the large volume of threats and cybersecurity skills shortage that has prevented most businesses from maintaining security operations around the clock.

28th November 2023
11:00 AM (Toronto, Canada)


What's on the agenda?

Constructing a SOC is commonly linked with time-consuming and resource-intensive procedures. In order to ensure the cybersecurity of the company, one must acquire and set up various tools, including SIEM, EDR, NDR, Honeypot, and Vulnerability Assessment Management. Moreover, skilled professionals are essential for operating these tools. Consequently, establishing even the most basic SOC configuration can prove to be a substantial investment both financially and in terms of resources. Our cybersecurity experts, will be sharing insights on how to efficiently establish an effective SOC within a month, allowing for significant budget and time savings during the construction process.During the session, we will discover:

  • Highlighting the challenges faced in establishing SOC.

  • SOC in-house or outsourcing: what is the difference and which is better to choose.

  • Cost-effectiveness and effective cyber protection: understanding how to cut costs and enhance security.

  • The alternative solution: discovering how to implement a fully functional SOC in just one month.

  • Showcasing real-world examples of improved cybersecurity with one Service. 

  • Exclusive offer.

  • Q&A Session.

Language of presentation: English

Ivan Skrypka - CEO, ESKA Global
Igor Rosenblit - CEO, ESKA Security
Format: Zoom Webinar

About the speakers

Who is this webinar for?



Head of IT departments

Zoom Webinar

Find out how securing your company with one tool instead of five

Discover how you can establish a robust SOC in just one month. Say goodbye to lengthy processes and hello to efficient cybersecurity solutions.

28th November 2023
11 AM (Toronto, CA)

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