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Cybersecurity Case Studies

ESKA has deep expertise in cybersecurity services and solutions for companies from SMBs to Enterprise size. For more information on our experience and case studies, contact us at

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Penetration test for the international insurance company

The main goal of this penetration test was an examination of the client's infrastructure through the third party for possible issues that could affect the security of the applications, infrastructure and privacy of its users.

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Penetration testing for Startup

The innovative startup that provides the people management solution for the SMB market launching sales on the Enterprise level.

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Penetration test of infrastructure

A financial company that provides investment services decided to improve its security.

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Penetration test of mobile application

The Logistic insurance company wanted to check their already built mobile application before launch.

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Penetration test of Wi-Fi

Healthcare medical center request for Wi-Fi penetration test.

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Our expertise in the field of cybersecurity allows us to provide customized solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each client.

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