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Phishing attack simulation

Are you confident that your employees will not fall victim to phishing attacks? Phishing simulation allows companies to assess their employees' resilience to targeted phishing attacks at the team level in a safe and controlled environment

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Phishing simulation

Phishing simulation by ESKA

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Phishing to assess staff awareness

This is being carried out as a widespread phishing email campaign targeting company employees to assess the overall risk associated with human factors.

Penetration testing using phishing techniques

A penetration test that incorporates phishing techniques to identify potential malicious activities from company employees and to assess the staff's awareness level regarding information security issues.

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Phishing using reverse proxy techniques

Employing advanced phishing techniques aimed at high-ranking officials, company executives, or influential individuals.

Phishing simulation

What is a phishing attack simulation?

One type of social engineering is the simulation of phishing attacks, conducted to assess an organization's personnel awareness and response to social engineering tactics. This focuses on deception methods via email, telephone, or the internet.

Conducting phishing

Features of conducting phishing

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Based on the latest attack methods and adheres to recommended leading industry practices.

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Personalized approach

A personalized approach to executing phishing scenarios best suited for financial organizations.

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Identifying high-risk users

Gain a complete understanding of your high-risk employees who are susceptible to phishing attacks.

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Enhanced cybersecurity level

A comprehensive overview from certified analysts. Receive recommendations for improving security measures.

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Expert team

A tailored approach with the best industry certifications, such as OSCP, GPEN, GWAPT, CEH, etc.

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ESKA that's not just a contractor it is your partner, that's why we are always ready to help in the future. We are always focused on relationships and on customer success!


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We don't provide just a report with an incomprehensible list of issues. We always manual check the vulnerability and explain in what way and how to close it, give road map and recommendations.



We are trusted by more than 200 companies (including Governments and international corporations).

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