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Red Teaming

The Red Team simulates a multi-stage attack and focuses on your company's digital assets. The procedure is a targeted attack against the corporate network, which lets our cyber security consultants check the effectiveness of technical, physical, and organizational security measures. The goal is to sustainably strengthen the resilience of companies against cyber-attacks.

What will you get

We maximize the entire organization's security by simulating realistic attacks on your business-critical data in a life-like test of how your business can withstand a cyber-attack. ESKA offers a custom-tailored combination of service elements that include:

  • Simulation of a targeted attack on your company with a focus on business assets such as sensitive data, business processes, supply chain management, or production

  • Testing your incident response skills

  • Increasing awareness of affected employees for IT security

  • Measurement of the efficiency of your efforts to protect business assets or property or to ensure your business processes

  • Measure the return on your cyber security investments

  • Functional test of your security measures for attack detection, monitoring, and defense

  • Manage identity & access

  • Raising awareness of security incidents impact

When should you use a Red Team?

Implementation of new tactics, software, or programs

If you want to see how the taken measures protect your organization from the real attackers, a red team attack emulation is a perfect choice to see how the provided implementations help withstand the potential breach.

When a new type of security breach/attack emerges

It's always a good idea to test organization's readiness for emerging threats before it happens. Preventing is much better than resolving the results of the attack which has already occurred.

As a routine

In parallel with scale-up of your organization, the cyber-threats also continue to evolve, so regular testing will help you stay on the safe side.

Request a quote

Our expertise in the field of cybersecurity allows us to provide customized solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each client.

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