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Online Zoom Webinar

in HealthCare

Introducing practical steps that build a strong cybersecurity system for healthcare organisations. Check out how to protect sensitive data from hackers.

16 May 2023 at 11 AM (Toronto, Canada)
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What's on the agenda?

Join this webinar that focuses on cybersecurity, compliance and key privacy challenges facing the healthcare industry. During the session, we will share best practices with you so you can protect your organisation from cybercrimes, secure your data assets and create a robust cybersecurity framework:

  • Contemporary cyber challenges for the healthcare industry.

  • Healthcare security compliance and practical processes to secure alignment.

  • Roadmap for the protection of sensitive information, such as clinical and patient data, including a smart pathway for a strong security system.

  • Policies, solutions and technical tools for healthcare IT that improve clinical workflows.

  • Strategic processes to help prevent cyberattacks.

  • Real time emulation of cyberattacks on healthcare companies. 

  • Exclusive offer.

  • Q&A Session.

Language of presentation: English
Ivan Skrypka - CEO, ESKA Global
Igor Rosenblit - CEO, ESKA Security
Artem Pasechnik - Security Engineer, ESKA Global
Format: Zoom Webinar

About the speakers

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Who is this webinar for?


Healthcare managers


Legal advisers


Compliance managers

Online Zoom Webinar

Find out why cybersecurity is important for healthcare organisations.

Discover smart tools and key insights to help you reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches that may endanger your patients' safety and privacy.

16 May 2023 at 11 AM (Toronto, CA)
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